Syria: a woman buried under the rubble gave birth to a child, see video!

woman give birth to a child after earthquake strike in Syria lying under rubble.

Turkey(zeropoint9) After the catastrophic earthquake in Turkey and Syria, the heartbreaking events revolving around life and death made the world cry. Whoever saw the heart-rending scenes on social media was left holding their heart. A similar incident happened in Syria which affected everyone. Made someone laugh. A woman buried under the rubble in the Syrian city of Aleppo gave birth to a child, the woman died after giving birth.
Officials engaged in rescue efforts managed to pull the newborn from the wreckage and ran for medical help, but unfortunately the mother of the child could not be saved. According to the rescue sources, the girl had several injuries and bruises on her body, due to severe cold. Hypothermia has occurred. Hospital officials say that the girl’s condition is now stable.
The newborn baby’s father, 4 siblings and aunt also died in the earthquake.

شام، ملبے تلے دبی خاتون نے بچے کو جنم دے دیا

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