Over 60 people are killed when a migrant boat capsizes off the Italian coast.

Italy(zeropoint9) Before daybreak on Sunday, a wooden boat carrying many migrants collided with jagged rocks off the coast of Italy and disintegrated, according to police. Over 60 bodies were found by rescuers, while scores more were still missing in the choppy waters.

According to several witnesses, the boat may have carried more to 200 people when it departed from Turkey, prompting officials to worry that the death toll could surpass 100.

According to the Italian Coast Guard, at least 80 individuals were discovered alive, including some who had reached the shore following the shipwreck off the coast of Calabria in the Ionian Sea. Two individuals suffering from hypothermia were saved by one of the agency’s motorboats, and a boy’s body was also found.

With wind-tossed seas, the boat struck the reefs. Three substantial parts of the ship washed ashore close to the town of Steccato di Cutro, leaving splintered fragments of vivid blue wood scattered throughout the sand like matchsticks.

Ignazio Mangione, a volunteer with the Red Cross, stated that “all of the survivors are adults.” Sadly, all of the youngsters are either still missing or were discovered dead on the beach. Young twins and an infant were reportedly among the victims.

The woman gave birth to 2 sets of identical twins

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