Indian IT dept. searching BBC offices since yesterday

New Delhi (Zeropoint 9) Indian security authorities are investigating various offices of BBC working in India for two days.
India’s tax authorities raided BBC offices in India for the second day in a row on Wednesday and questioned staff about the BBC organization’s business operations in the country, some members of the investigative staff said.

The management of the BBC has issued instructions to editorial and other staff members to work from home for now. This information was given by the staff on condition of anonymity.

The search did not stop overnight, and investigators scanned the desktops of some employees who had previously been told not to use their phones and put them away, staff members said.
Indian income tax authorities have not made a statement since searches began at the BBC’s offices in New Delhi and Mumbai on Tuesday morning.

Human rights organizations and opposition politicians have termed this initiative of India’s Income Tax Department as an attempt to intimidate the media.
Britain’s publicly funded national broadcaster said it was cooperating fully with authorities. And it is hoped that this situation will be resolved as soon as possible.
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