A Philippine plane crashed near a volcanic mountain

Manilla (zeropoint9) According to the details, the Civil Aviation Authority has issued a statement saying that the Cessna 340 took off from Manila’s Bicol Airport in the morning, which disappeared shortly after. There were two passengers on board, one pilot and one other. A crew member was involved. The search team is continuing to search for survivors in the vicinity of the airport. The weather conditions in the area are very bad, which is causing difficulties in the rescue operation as the visibility has reduced significantly.

A plane wreckage has been located near the Mayon volcano, but it is not yet clear if it is the same plane that took off from the Manila airport and disappeared shortly after. There are difficulties in reaching the scene. Because the volcano can erupt at any time, the authorities say that the life of the rescue team is also in serious danger due to the eruption of the volcano. Aerial search is ongoing and so far the survivors of the ship are expected to be alive. .

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